I'm beginning to wonder who's really the blind one


PROJECT VOICEBEND Episode 5 - “The Spirit of Love Triangles”

allow us to soothe that post-book 3 pain today with some teenage relationships and raging hormones!

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"Why the fuck did I not do that earlier, god damn.”

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You’re a lavabender!
I know… I just found out…

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Book 3’s final scene soundtrack, Service and Sacrifice by Jeremy Zuckerman.

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the jinora tattoo scene becomes a little bit sadder when you realize that aang was the only one creating the wind that rang the chimes at tenzin’s ceremony

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The Legend of Korra fandom Right now: 



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i’m pausing the episode at exactly the right moments

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Hi sorry can we talk about this

This moment really struck a chord with me. That look is not a look of determination, not a look of “Hellz yeah I’m gonna do this!”

That is a look of desperation. Bolin didn’t think he could do it and knew he would die if he failed. He was ready to die.

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#realtalks the only noteworthy thing i said during the entire finale

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actual footage of my emotional turmoil during the book 3 finale enjoy

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Legend of Korra Books 1-3 Finale Group Shots

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